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The Importance of Healthy Brake Rotors

The brake system is a fairly simple hydraulic and mechanical system that helps you maintain control of your vehicle. When you step on the brake pedal, something you probably do hundreds of times here in the center of Smyrna, GA, hydraulic pressure is distributed to the four wheels. Brake calipers squeeze the brake pads, clamping the brake rotors. This helps you to finely control the speed of your vehicle and to bring it to a stop, even in a sudden situation. While brake rotors don’t wear out as fast as brake pads, they do get thinner over time. Also, braking generates a lot of heat. For the most part, the entire brake system is built to take the heat and dissipate it, but even the heavy metal parts like the brake rotors can be pushed beyond their limits, such as on a long hill or in heavy traffic. If a brake rotor becomes too thin, it is even more susceptible to overheating, which can lead to dangerous warping or cracking. Cooper Lake Automotive will help you avoid this from happening.

Brake Rotors Are Critical Safety Equipment!

Here at Cooper Lake Automotive, since 1968 we’ve utilized the tools and experience to give any brake system an in-depth analysis. If you feel odd vibrations or hear unusual noises when braking, let us know. Perhaps it’s a matter with your brake rotors. Considering the importance of your brake rotors in relation to your safety, getting the issue checked should be a priority. The professionals at Cooper Lake Automotive live and work where you do, right here in Smyrna.

For brake rotor service and full brake system inspection and repair, trust the professionals at Cooper Lake Automotive in Smyrna, GA

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