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Explorer Engine Removal

Below is a slideshow demonstrating the method we used to replace the engine in this 2002 Ford Explorer.  As you can clearly see, it is very different from a conventional engine swap, as the entire body has to be removed from the frame!  While the slide show makes it look easy, this is of course a very big job and requires many hours of work.

First we raise the vehicle to remove many of the bolts and electrical connectors linking the body, frame, and exhaust system, after which we reposition the lift and remove the body.  The actual body lift is definitely a two-man job, primarily for safety but also to double check that we have not forgotten anything.  Once the body is off we are able to access the drive train, and we remove a second set of bolts, mounts, and electrical connectors that attach the engine to the transmission and body.  With the engine now ready for removal, we lift it out with an engine hoist. We then transfer any parts to be reused from the old engine to the new and then reverse the whole process to put it all back together.